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A new decade; A continuing challenge

August 2, 2017

It is said time passes quickly; it seems true to me that decades do indeed fly by!

This is my last month to be in my 50s. One fun thing I can think of in turning 60, along with a party, cake and presents, is that I can be called a sexagenarian—just one letter away from being a sexy-genarian!

I was alarmed when I read, “Almost everyone who does not finish well fails in the second half of life,” in the book Live Like You Mean It by T.J. Addington. Knowing I am well into the second half of life, I must continue to be on guard because I desire to finish well.

As I’ve considered reasons why the second half of life might be more perilous, it makes sense!

  • We can grow overconfident trusting in our own maturity that comes from life and ministry experience. We might forget how desperately we need God’s power.
  • We can grow lazy and content in our current condition. It might be tempting to rest on our laurels glorying in past victories without much thought in pressing onward and pursuing God for future endeavors.
  • We discover what we are good at and can choose to stay in our comfort zone avoiding risks that would challenge us beyond our competencies to further reliance on Him.
  • We think we are safe from giving in to sin and become negligent, especially if we have been successful over major temptations in the past.
  • Our walk with God can grow stale as our quiet times become mere ho-hum rituals.
  • Maybe bitterness from past hurts has taken up residence and is enveloping a larger portion of our heart causing our love for God to grow cold.
  • We are tired. It takes energy to live well and as we grow older we don’t have as much vigor as we used to, but we keep living and serving like we do!

There are probably many more possible reasons for not finishing well! But there is only one person who can help us stay the course–Jesus.

By his grace, may I love Jesus with all my heart. Pursue him. Abide in him. Live for him. Pray to him. Trust in him. Know him. Hope in him. Notice all the action verbs! We keep actively pursuing God by faith whatever our age! But our actions are only effective because it is the Lord on whom we rely and He empowers us to live for him. He is the giver of the gift of eternal life, whether we are tricenarians, septuagenarians or octogenarians! One might think that 90 is really old, but look at the term–nonagenarians— ‘non age’ is how it starts!

Being old in physical age pales in comparison with the eons of eternity. Whether we are in the first or the latter half of life, we know that life continues even after physical death. Jesus invites us to relentlessly pursue him in this lifetime as well as to live with him in the eternity that is to come!

For all who are aging may we be reminded:  Stay the course. Keep eternity in your eyes. Never give up. Jesus is powerful. Jesus is worthy.

May we each finish well as we prepare for a good start on our forever after with him!






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